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TBO Extension

  • TBO Periods are Extended on our Gold Standard Factory-Rebuilt and New Engines Up to 400 Hours.


    Continental Motors has increased TBOs up to 400 hours on Gold Standard Factory produced engines. The majority of engine models manufactured after February 2012 will see TBOs increase by 200 hours with frequent flyers receiving up to 400 hours.

    In 2012 Continental Motors introduced its Gold Standard Factory Rebuilt and New Engines. These engines incorporate improvements in technology and manufacturing processes that have allowed us to increase the TBO. The increased TBO is affective on nearly all Continental Motors Factory produced engines beginning in February 2012 as designated by serial number 1006000 and higher. Nearly all models will receive the benefit of a 200 hour increase over the existing TBO. Aircraft owners that fly 40 hour per month will receive up to 400 hours.  Click here for Press Release.

    Complete details of the new extended TBO periods can be obtained by clicking here for Service Information Letter SIL98-9C

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