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  • Welcome to the Genuine Continental Aerospace Technologies™ Factory Stock Viewer. Here you will find a list of Factory New and Factory Rebuilt engines that are in stock and ready for immediate shipping. You also have the ability to view Factory Engines that are currently in the manufacturing process and will be ready to ship in just a few days.

    How to Buy

    Simply click on the engine you want and you will be taken to a Factory Engine Inquiry page where you can get pricing and delivery information.

    Don’t see the engine you want? Click on Engine Lookup and you will be taken to the Engine Pricing page where you can look up List pricing on your engine model and request a quote from Air Power® Inc., The Factory's Preferred Engine Distributor.

    Check back often as engines will be added and sold frequently.

    *Prices are offered on an exchange basis. Applicable core charges will be invoiced separately. 

  • Stock Engine List

  • ModelSpecNew/ RebuiltAvail. DateList PriceLast UpdatedGet A Quote
    0200D0200D3BNewNOW AVAILABLE $31,147.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    0470R0470R74BNewNOW AVAILABLE$39,140.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    0470R0470R74BRebuiltMAY/03/2019$33,621.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    0470S0470S1BRebuiltNOW AVAILABLE $34,255.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    0470U0470U17BRebuiltNOW AVAILABLE $36,111.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0240BI0240B32BRebuiltRFQ$35,514.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0360ESI0360ES25BRebuiltNOW AVAILABLE $43,589.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0360ESI0360ES26BRebuiltRFQ$44,606.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0360ESI0360ES27BRebuiltMAY/21/2019$43,746.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0470LI0470L21BNewNOW AVAILABLE $47,550.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0520BBI0520BB10BRebuiltNOW AVAILABLE $41,952.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0520CBI0520CB8BRebuiltNOW AVAILABLE $43,334.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0520DI0520D115BRebuiltNOW AVAILABLE $41,486.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0520DI0520D172BRebuiltNOW AVAILABLE $41,486.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0520FI0520F17BRebuiltNOW AVAILABLE $40,912.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0520LI0520L46BRebuiltNOW AVAILABLE $41,503.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0520MBI0520MB1BRebuiltNOW AVAILABLE $41,900.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0550BI0550B89BNewNOW AVAILABLE $53,538.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0550BI0550B89BRebuiltMAY/03/2019 $47,410.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0550CI0550C1FNewNOW AVAILABLE $53,297.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0550CI0550C49BRebuiltNOW AVAILABLE$48,224.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0550CI0550C49BRebuiltRFQ$48,224.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0550CI0550C49BNewNOW AVAILABLE$52,884.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0550CI0550C49BNewRFQ$52,884.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0550DI0550D15BRebuiltNOW AVAILABLE $45,776.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0550FI0550F20BRebuiltNOW AVAILABLE $45,569.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0550NI0550N41BRebuiltNOW AVAILABLE $46,219.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0550NI0550N43BRebuiltNOW AVAILABLE $47,268.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    I0550NI0550N47BRebuiltNOW AVAILABLE $47,317.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    LTSI0360RBLTSI0360RB5BRebuiltNOW AVAILABLE $67,459.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    TSI0360RBTSI0360RB2BRebuiltNOW AVAILABLE $68,976.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    TSI0520MTSI0520M7BNewNOW AVAILABLE $53,870.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    TSI0520MTSI0520M7BRebuiltNOW AVAILABLE $49,409.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    TSI0520RTSI0520R9BNewNOW AVAILABLE $55,087.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    TSI0520RTSI0520R9BRebuiltNOW AVAILABLE $50,012.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    TSI0520TTSI0520T1BRebuiltNOW AVAILABLE $57,523.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    TSI0520VBTSI0520VB10FRebuiltNOW AVAILABLE $52,003.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
    TSI0550NTSI0550N1BNewRFQ$110,452.0004/22/2019Get a Quote
  • Overhauled Stock Engine List

  • ModelSpecAvail. DateList PriceLast UpdatedGet A Quote
    TSIO550C21B1002884REPAIRED04/17/2019Get a Quote
    O200A48B1031530REPAIRED 04/18/2019Get a Quote
    IO360L2A29010-51AOVERHAULED 04/15/2019Get a Quote
    O320D2JL-12550-39AOVERHAULED04/15/2019Get a Quote
    O320D2JL-18761-39AOVERHAULED04/15/2019Get a Quote
    O360E1A6DL-192-77OVERHAULED 04/15/2019Get a Quote
    O360A4ML-19733-36AOVERHAULED04/17/2019Get a Quote
    IO360L2AL-28956-51AOVERHAULED04/15/2019Get a Quote
    IO360L2AL-29579-51AOVERHAULED 04/15/2019Get a Quote
    IO360L2AL-29768-51AOVERHAULED 04/15/2019Get a Quote
    IO360L2AL-31073-51AOVERHAULED04/15/2019Get a Quote
    LO360E1A6DL-332-72TOVERHAULED 04/15/2019Get a Quote
  • Titan™ Stock Engine List

  • ModelSpecNew/ RebuiltAvail. DateList PriceLast UpdatedGet A Quote
    IOX370IOX370AME7T8 APR/26/2019 04/15/2019Get a Quote

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