Part or Engine Specification Supersedure

  • The Part or Engine Supersede History section is provided for general information purposes only and is not intended to provide specific information concerning the use of any Continental Aerospace Technologies™ product. It is intended only to verify the current production product number in use on the date which the program is accessed. This section does not provide an alert or notice to a product that is obsolete by Continental® service information or aircraft regulatory agency publication. This section does not advise the use of products that must be installed together or used in combination with other specified parts when replacing a superseded product. You must consult the latest Continental® service information and aircraft regulatory agency publication to validate the use of any product listed in this section. Reference the airframe configuration and ensure compatibility of superseding engines.

    Continental® assumes no responsibility or liability for the improper use of information contained in the Part or Engine Supersede History section.

    When using this search function, engine specs should not include spaces or the letter ("O"). The letter "O" should be replaced with a zero ("0"). 
    Correct Input: I0520BB65B / Incorrect Input: IO-520-BB65B
    Correct Input: R-I0520BA10B / Incorrect Input: R-IO-520-BA10B


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