Unlimited at last

  • True aviators value liberty and choice. That means being able to fly behind the engine you choose in the airframe you want. Continental® gives you more choice in engine size, AvGas and Jet-A fuel, as well as a new FAA-certified drop-in replacement for Lycoming®* installations. Finally, the freedom to fly without limits.

    Unlimited at last
  • * Lycoming® is a registered trademark of Textron Innovations Inc. Any reference to Lycoming® or associated trademarks, word marks, and products is only for purposes of identifying engines with which Continental® parts are compatible, or for which Continental® offers maintenance services. Continental® parts compatible with Lycoming® engines are aftermarket parts and are not original equipment parts. Continental® is not connected to, affiliated with, or sponsored by, or endorsed by Textron Innovations Inc. or Lycoming® Engines, a Division of Avco Corporation, or any of their affiliate companies.

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